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Network and Internet Services

These days, we all rely heavily on the Internet. The benefits are too many to list, but include extensive research capabilities, buying stock and consumables on-line, keeping in touch with your customers and selling your products from your own web site.

Internet Connection
Whether you've just bought a brand new router, or are connecting up to the Internet for the first time, we can get you on-line in next to no time. Includes setting up your hardware, testing the connection, diagnosing connection faults and liaising with your Internet Service Provider.

Get all your home or office computers talking to each other and reap the benefits of file sharing, data streaming, shared data storage and printing.

Extend your network with Wireless Networking and access the Internet from anywhere in the building. Excellent for laptops and computers in hard-to-reach places. Imagine, surfing the net from the garden!

Improve communications with colleagues, customers, suppliers, friends and family with your own e-mail address.


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